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Interested in Hiring our Eco Welfare Units?

Developed to operate in the toughest of conditions, our eco mobile welfare units are kind to the environment, user friendly, economical with low running and maintenance cost, spacious well equipped kitchen, secure and vandal proof.

The ergonomically designed interior provides a welfare space suitable to accommodate 7 staff in comfort.

Our welfare units works from an intelligent 12 volt system, coupled with a super silent automatically controlled diesel generator which only runs when required.

Compliant with HSE and VCA typed approved

Eco Welfare Unit Features:

  • Instant welfare; Easily located, easy to tow
  • Self-contained; No mains connection
  • Anti-vandal; Safe and secure with kneel down axle system and retractable drawbar
  • Toilet with flushing, non-chemical toilet
  • Washing facilities; Forearm sized hand basin
  • Fully equipped canteen and rest area
  • Drying room; A separate facility for drying and changing clothing
  • Lower emissions; Dual power supply
  • Motion activated 12v LED lighting
  • Low water use flush toilet; 1 litre per flush
  • Recycled water; Reuses washing water in the toilet system
  • Low fuel consumption
  • Go green our eco mobile welfare pods offers you more

If You are interested in hiring our Eco Welfare Units you can Contact Us to find out more.

View our Eco Welfare Unit Specifications



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